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My life is an open book, but I'm constantly editing

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My work is in the top 10 % of the 50,000 screenplays on Coverfly.com

AuthorKevinJHoward - I'm a world-renowned author/screenwriter with three published novels and twelve award-winning screenplays. My screenplays have been selected in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Calcutta, Florence, Glasgow, Kosice, London, Los Angeles, Mallorca, Moscow, New York, Paris, Pattaya, Prague, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Venezuela, Venice and Warsaw. I won the Vitruvian Award at the Da Vinci International Film Festival. Two of my screenplays are semi-finalists in Rhode Island, which is an Academy Award Qualifying event. I've received excellent coverage from the Atlanta Screenplay Awards, the Chicago Screenplay Awards, and the New York Screenplay Awards.

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"This book is a must read, not only for horror fans, but for fans of

nature and the wondrous natural world."

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite


"Whether it's the concept, plot points, or highly idiosyncratic characters


the script is overflowing with originality."

The Atlanta Screenplay Awards

"The writer certainly knows how to drop information for maximal effect,

and I enjoyed the ride getting to the bigger reveals."

The Chicago Screenplay Awards


"I can honestly say an epic of this magnitude has never crossed my path before,

and the writer does well to hit this from every angle, really maximizing this

grandeur of the premise."

The New York International Screenplay Awards


"Out of almost 400 projects submitted, yours was one of a few semi-finalists who

scored highest with our readers. We think your script would make a great film!"

The 23rd San Francisco Independent Film Festival Screenplay Competition

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My interview with New York Glamour Magazine

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I was interviewed by Celebrity Interviewer Jules Lavallee.  Please click the button above to read the interview!

My interview with MyIndie Productions!


My interview with PVM Magazine


   "Faithful Shadow"

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