Kevin J. Howard

I grew up in Mission Viejo, CA.  I knew I was a writer when I read Stephen King's "IT" in the 5th grade.

Me and Justin.jpg

Other than reading and writing, music has been an important part of my life.  I taught myself how to play the French horn in the 6th grade and played all through high school.  I took so many music classes my freshman year, I actually lettered in Music my first year.  I was blessed with the opportunity to play with a small group of students in Austria, Germany and Switzerland at the age of 16.


Playing the French horn at the Melk Abbey in Austria.  An incredible place!


I was the drum major in my high school and it was so much fun.  I led several parades through the streets of Disneyland and once I got an entire stadium to do the Hokey Pokey.  It was pretty cool.

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Travelling is an incredible source of inspiration for me.  Much of my work is set in different countries around the world, based off my own experiences.  

When I was 20, I drove to Yellowstone National Park to work for the summer season.  My mother and father met in the park and it's a family tradition.  While working there, I wrote a novel titled "Resident of Bison" and outlined "Faithful Shadow".  Yellowstone is an incredibly magical place.

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An amazing trip through St. Petersburg

Berlin, Germany

Over the city in Hong Kong

In 2012, I wrote my very first screenplay.  I sent "Identical Opposites" into the Las Vegas International Film Festival and was selected as a Finalist!

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My Speech.jpg

In 2013, "Identical Opposites" was an official selection in the Beverly Hills International Film Festival


The Beverly Hills International Film Festival was held in the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood!